All For You (String Quintet)

All For You (String Quintet)


This a piece arranged for a standard string quintet; two violins, viola, cello, and double bass. It’s on the harmonically adventurous side, but it still adheres to the jazz II-V-I model. There is a coloristic close and open, and features a characteristic change of lead/ melody.

Difficulty: Intermediate-difficult

Rhythm: The melody has many harmonic/ rhythmic anticipations and delays. The melody combines transcriptions of Nat King Cole’s interpretation, mixed in with how I have played in the past. As always, these can be interpreted. The accompaniment is very simple, meant to reflect the Mills Brothers style; guitar and “hummed” chords.

Range: Every thing is within range for a high school and above group.

Harmony: The intro and close may seem fairly dissonant, but the chord structure above the “pedal” alternating A and G in the bass is standard jazz fare. Most of the harmony is based in ii-V-I’s, and has notated extended harmonies.

Other: Everyone needs to be comfortable taking the lead/ melody. Improvised solos are in the bass and violin 1, so make sure that these musicians in your group are comfortable soloing over the changes. As aforementioned, the accompaniment is supposed to reflect a “chunking” guitar. The staccato quarters are separated, not short. Each one should be full; listen to Freddie Green and his style to hear how it’s done.


Commissioned by the Perrin Yang Quartet.


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