Feel Good Inc (TTBB)

Feel Good Inc (TTBB)


In what has become a college a cappella standard, this arrangement takes a bare-bones approach that highlights the essential components that make this piece great, in addition to adding some cool transitions. It features all sections!

Difficulty: Moderate

– Rhythm: Triplets are in the rap sections, and off beats are present in all parts.

– Range: The bass part is not terribly low, but it is consistently low. Make your bass(es) have the range and stamina to manage to maintain the iconic line. Better for college basses, singable for an exceptional high school bass. The tenor 2 covers a wide range.

– Harmony: Some seventh chords, but the progression isn’t difficult and repeats throughout the whole piece. The chromatic walking bass line in the chorus might be tricky, but the arrangement allows for flexibility in the part.

– Other: Your baritone doesn’t have to rap, but making him do it might be amusing. Also make sure that someone can do the maniacal laugh; a laugh that doesn’t work will make the piece sound silly. The transitions can be tricky, and there are many texture changes.

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A part of The Emerald Five Series for TTBB.


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