In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning (TTBB)

In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning (TTBB)


This a bass feature! Yes, you read that correctly! Your bass(es) will have the melody the whole time, except for a couple parts. The piece sings like a lullaby, but incorporates some great jazz harmony and styling.

Difficulty: Challenging

– Rhythm: All rhythms are easy. Even though it is a jazz piece, it is also mean to sound like a lullaby, so the rhythms are easy and there are no rhythmic/ harmonic anticipation or delays.

– Range: Your tenor parts are high (since the melody is low), but must be sung quietly. Strong tenors are necessary. The bass line is consistently low, but not in the basement. Perfect for a Johnny Hartman sound.

– Harmony: Many seventh chords, extended harmonies, and rootless voicings. Having a group with a jazz background is ideal, or having singers with a strong sense of pitch and harmonic knowledge.

– Other: This is a challenging piece. Phrasing can be tricky with a low melody and quiet setting. Only choose if you have a strong bass who is comfortable singing lead.

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A part of The Emerald Five Series for TTBB.


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