What’s Coming Up!

What’s Coming Up!

Hey everybody! I don’t have a story this week, so I wanted to give a quick update about all things I have going on and coming up.

I just turned in a story for the D&C about Colin Corner and his performance of the Koussvitzky Bass Concerto on the Karr-Koussvitzky bass itself! I also got a chance to interview Ward Stare, the music director of the RPO. Speaking of the D&C, I’m also working on a story about Significant Other, an up-and-coming blues band in Rochester through the lens of their bassist, Glenn William, who completely changed how he lives his life to accommodate his re-found love of music.

As for what’s coming up for this website, I’m doing a review of Amanda Ashley’s newest EP, Living Dead. I’m also interviewing some great local musicians. First is country singer Alyssa Trahan about her latest tour, being a country singer in upstate New York, and her newest album. Second, I’m interviewing a man with a story and message who tells it through his own brand of music, Tramayne Watson, aka “I.Am.Tru.Starr.”

I’m hoping to interview as many local Rochester musicians as possible, so if you know anyone who has some great music and a good story, please let me know!

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