8/21/16 – Four80East at Glenora Wine Cellars – by Mike Velazquez

Correspondent Mike Velazquez writes into dan-gross.com reviewing Four80East's 8/21 performance at Glenora's Wine Cellar.

8/21/16 – Four80East at Glenora Wine Cellars – by Mike Velazquez

Toronto based “electro-groove-funk” jazz duo Four80East, an area favorite, took to the Jazz Stage at Glenora Wine Cellars in Dundee last Sunday for a damp, but enthusiastic audience for the second performance of the yearly “Jazz Greats At Glenora” series. Keyboardist Rob DeBoer, and co-founder/ percussionist Tony Grace were joined by saxophonist extraordinaire Jackiem Joyner, veteran guitarist Matt Marshak, and finally drummer Marcus Anderson.

The guys delivered a rousing 90 minute set that seemed to gain momentum as the weather improved. DeBoer’s unmistakable stage presence was definitely on display, and the rest of the band gladly followed his lead to give the crowd a great performance. As mother nature started to cooperate, the audience was reminded why the stage at The Glenora Winery is one of the absolute best venues in Western/Central NY.

The quintet got things going with new music from Four80East’s latest effort entitled “Positraction”, then stepping it up from there, much to the audience’s delight with favorites like “En Route” & “Noodle Soup” as well as selections from Joyner & Marshak’s (who is also promoting a record entitled “New York”) solo work, all of which was highlighted by the amazing chemistry between the Canadian duo, Joyner, Marshak and Anderson. All five displayed great musicianship and charisma that left the crowd wanting more, which they got in a two-song encore.

DeBoer & Grace once again delivered a stellar show in which they are noted for, especially among area jazz fans, displaying their immense talent and musical range. They’re a pair that will always be worth the price of admission, regardless of who accompanies them.

The Syracuse based Longwood Jazz Project opened things up, with a great 30 minute set that included covers of Grover Washington Jr. and Jeff Lorber. I would definitely welcome the chance to check this band out again.

— Mike Velazquez


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