Hey all! My name is Dan Gross.

Dan Gross is currently a News Photographer at News 8 WROC. He’s currently learning the ropes, but he has some great stuff already. He’s enjoying the ride, learning so much, and working with great people.

Dan hosts, produces, directs, edits, and records the Rochester Indie Musician Spotlight, a program that features local (and mostly young) independent musicians. Containing a ten minute interview with a live performance, RIMS combines “Off Camera with Sam Jones,” “NPR: Tiny Desk,” and “Austin City Limits” with the feel of “American Bandstand.” You can watch on the FACEBOOK PAGE, the Youtube page, the first Saturdays of the month on Jazz90.1 at 9pm!

Currently, Dan is also involved with other music news and media outlets. He writes online and print articles for the prestigious Eastman School of Music. He also hosts a radio show on Jazz90.1 WGMC-FM, hosts a podcast for Outside In Music, and helps out with all things digital content – including filming and recording concerts – at Bop Shop Records.

Dan Gross is a graduate of SUNY Oswego with Bachelor of Fine Arts, and double majored in Broadcasting and Music. Although Dan began his schooling looking to become a sports broadcaster, he decided to focus on music as his schooling continued. As a member of the school’s media outlets, Dan had experience in radio, and as a reporter for the school newspaper, reviewing and reporting on the school’s academic concerts with an educational twist.