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See below for a general pricing guideline for commissions:

Commissions fees

General Rules

General Rules

Following are general guidelines for commissions.

  • Commission fee will be 4x the “retail price” for arrangements, and 5x the “retail price” for compositions.
  • The smaller number in each table is the arrangement fee, the larger for compositions. Prices are negotiable for budgetary concerns.
  • Price can increase depending on a number of factors, including:
  • -An extended length piece
  • - Minutes, movements, etc.
  • - A virtuosic (feature) piece
  • - Increased difficulty level
  • - Unique accompaniment
  • - A brass quintet with a choir, unique instruments, etc.

A Cappella/ Chamber groups


A cappella is for any configuration of male and female singers. Chamber groups are any configuration of instruments/ voices in a small group.

  • Between three and eight parts: $40-$50
  • Between eight and twelve parts: $60-$75
  • Greater than twelve parts: $80-$100



Listings for various choirs follow, including the accompaniment.

  • TTBB/ SSAA (plus piano): $60-$75
  • TTBB/ SSAA (piano plus additional accompaniment, or extra vocal parts): $65-$100
  • SATB (plus piano): $80-$100
  • SATB (piano plus additional accompaniment, or extra vocal parts): $85-$125

Solo, Duet, or Trio Voice or Instrument


All solo, duet, and trio voice or instrument piece price listings are for piano accompaniment. Price can change for other accompaniment.

  • Solo voice or instrument: $60-$75
  • Duet voice or instrument: $70-$85
  • Trio voice or instrument: $75-$100

Jazz Combo


A jazz combo starts with just the rhythm section, and can be expanded with horn and vocal parts.

  • For standard combo (trio or quartet with guitar, including vocals): $60-$75
  • Standard combo (between two and four combined horn and vocal parts): $80-$100
  • Standard combo (between five and seven combined horn and vocal parts): $100-$125

Large Ensembles


A large ensemble is anything from a jazz ensemble to a pops orchestra. Instrumentation to fit a band does not change the price.

  • Jazz big band (including vocalist): $200-$250
  • Orchestra (including vocalist): $240-$300
  • Wind Ensemble: $240-$300
  • Pops orchestra (including vocalist): $300-$375

Got something else in mind?

  • If you have a project that isn't listed, let me know! We'll work together for a fair price for your project!