Rochester’s premiere music interview and performance show, the Rochester Indie Musician Spotlight is dedicated to showcasing Rochester’s nationally recognized local and independent music scene. Hosted by journalist Dan Gross, the Spotlight achieves it’s goal by combining “Off Camera with Sam Jones,” “NPR: Tiny Desk,” and “Austin City Limits.”

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The Rochester Indie Musician Spotlight has been the cornerstone of my life after I’ve gotten out of school. What started off as a garage hobby project has become – unbelievably – #Rochester’s premiere music and interview web series. Now, you can help keep it going by getting it on TV! I’ve started a crowdfunding campaign to raise $3,500 to make that happen. Follow the link to donate, and great perks are at every level! Thank you for your time and contribution!

This campaign represents the next biggest step the show has to take… The jump to TV. Yes, you could name innumerable successful Youtubers and web series that reach millions of people, but this show is local. While we’ve made the occasional reach to some Buffalo musicians (Tyler Westcott, The Brothers Blue), and will continue to do so, because the emphasis is so local, adding a presence on TV in addition to the “web series” model will ensure the maximum amount of people can see the show.

I can hardly state what making this jump would mean to me, and the show. It boggles my mind the support and response I get every time I post an episode. Your support had, has, and will continue to have an immeasurable effect on me, my happiness, and the drive to grow and create… And this successful campaign would ensure the show’s future, and make it a great way to celebrate 50 REGULARLY SCHEDULED EPISODES AT THE END OF THE SEASON!




Worlds Collide: Dave Rivello and Shawn Drogan, TableTopOpera, The Rita Collective, Daniel Bennett Group


A Chat With Geoff Dale, “Franuary” with Fran Broderick

Thoughts from the Artists

The Brothers Blue wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our experience on your show.  

We loved doing it in front of a live audience, I think it made it much more relaxed and natural for us.  Your prep was thorough and made for good conversation we think our fans really enjoyed seeing.  

The editing and camera shots are incredible.  We ended up with a video of performances we’re proud of and pleased to get in front of the world.  You provide the music community with a thorough and purposeful outlet to the music community at large.  

 – Ben Haravitch, The Brothers Blue

Season One – Guests’ Social Media:

Jon Lewis, Meg Williams and Sara Rogers, Jeff Wilson, Total Yuppies