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Season Seven’s – Guests’ Social Media:

Copper Hill, Benny Bleu Band, Leah Ou, Nathan Kay Sextet, The Fox Sisters, The Sideways



SEASONSIX – Guests’ Social Media:

Extended Family, The Sugargliders, Jackson Cavalier, Bob Sneider and The Merry Gentlemen

Thoughts from the Artists

Thanks to the spot I did with Dan Gross: Music & Journalism on his #RochesterIndieMusicianSpotlight show, I had a bunch of professional opportunities pop up. I got offered a rhythm guitarist spot in a band that already had a coast to coast tour booked. I got offers from studios that want to record my music pro bono. One of the cooler things that happened was that a gentleman liked my playing and asked to commission a jingle for his new startup business: a hemp farm specializing in CBD products. I thought it incredibly ironic to have been asked, since I’m not known for composing music and I’ve never consumed any type of cannabis product in my life. The offer was too good to pass up so I jumped at the chance. I sent him a sample of the piece I wrote this morning and he loved it! Now I just need to learn how to play it at performance tempo and record!

Thoughts from the Artists

The Brothers Blue wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our experience on your show.  

We loved doing it in front of a live audience, I think it made it much more relaxed and natural for us.  Your prep was thorough and made for good conversation we think our fans really enjoyed seeing.  

The editing and camera shots are incredible.  We ended up with a video of performances we’re proud of and pleased to get in front of the world.  You provide the music community with a thorough and purposeful outlet to the music community at large.  

 – Ben Haravitch, The Brothers Blue

Season One – Guests’ Social Media:

Jon Lewis, Meg Williams and Sara Rogers, Jeff Wilson, Total Yuppies