Jon Lewis Releasing Newest Mr. Loops CD

In this installment, I talk with locally beloved Jon Lewis and his children's music alter ego, Mr. Loops. We discuss his life in music, and the origin story of his superhero alter ego.

Jon Lewis Releasing Newest Mr. Loops CD

Jon Lewis, 29, is highly recommended by everyone I’ve talked to. The native of Emporia, Kansas, moved to the ROC when he was ten. The man, who by all accounts has made it with a lovely house in Fairport and a lovely wife of two years, began his arts career as a videographer.

His children’s performer alter ego, Mr. Loops, will be releasing his newest album on December 11th, complete with coloring book with a pre-order!

He’s a self described as a “guy who just has to play music.” He’s a great guy and interviewee. I hope you enjoy!

You can purchase his album from starting early next week. But before then you can message him on his Facebook page!


Here’s us doing a jam of In the Air Tonight:

You can check him out (figuratively I hope) his social media profiles here:


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