September (TTBB/ TTBB)

September (TTBB/ TTBB)


This a piece arranged for four tenors, two baritones, and two basses. It’s perfect for a large male group, or a great way for two smaller TTBB groups to get together and do a collaborative piece. It’s sectioned out for a lead TTBB section that combines the melody and horn parts. The rhythm TTBB part is mostly the rhythm section with some horn parts.

Difficulty: Challenging-professional

Rhythm: The rhythms repeat throughout the piece. There are quite a number of offbeats, as most of the chords change off the beat. The rhythm section parts all have varying rhythms within the same groove.

Range: The lead tenors and the first rhythm tenor requires a large range. It extends from below middle C to C#5. A strong falsetto is needed, to sing lead, harmony, and the horn parts. Not recommended for any group without strong tenors. Counter tenors or professional tenors are ideal. The other parts are singable by a collegiate ensemble.

Harmony: There are mostly seventh chords, with some extended harmonies, namely in the horn parts. The trickiest part is when most of the parts split into the horn parts (e.g., 2 before A). The chord is essentially building thirds on a G over A, creating an A7sus4(add 13).

Other: This is a perfect high energy piece to close a concert, assuming your group has the stamina!

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A part of The Emerald Five Series for TTBB.


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